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City Police announce the passing of K9 Max

From Fredericksburg Police:

It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of retired K9 Max of the Fredericksburg Police Department.
K9 Max, a German Shepard born in Slovakia, began his career with the Fredericksburg Police Department in 2009 and was first assigned to Officer Dave Reilly. When Officer Reilly was promoted to sergeant in 2012, K9 Max was transferred to Officer Josh Lynch. In 2015, K9 Max competed in the World Police and Fire Games alongside his handler. Together, they won the Bronze in Room Search, Silver in Locker Search, and Silver for Overall in the K-9 Narcotics Search competition. K9 Max continued serving the City of Fredericksburg until his retirement in July 2017.
The community and Fredericksburg Police Department celebrated countless successes resulting from K9 Max’s work, from drug and cash seizures to finding hidden evidence in major crimes. During his nine-year career, K9 Max tallied more than 1,300 deployments.
After retirement, K9 Max adjusted to home life as a part of the Lynch family. He enjoyed walks, playing fetch, and the occasional evidence search or track.
To K9 Max, thank you for your loyalty, dependability, and everything you have done for the City of Fredericksburg and surrounding counties. Rest in peace.

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