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Stafford Schools announce 2021 Principal and Teacher of the Year

Stafford County Public Schools (SCPS) has named Keana Butler at Park Ridge Elementary School as Principal of the Year and Nina Passmore, an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT) at Rocky Run Elementary School, as Teacher of the Year.

“Ms. Passmore and Mrs. Butler are brilliant leaders who represent an inspirational commitment to students and their fellow staff,” said SCPS Superintendent Dr. Scott Kizner. “Both are excellent at creating unique learning opportunities and a welcoming environment, allowing their schools to reach and impact students and staff on a personal level.”

“Mrs. Butler has a rolling desk and it is not uncommon to see her sitting on the floor outside of a classroom working with a student who needs extra support or just seems to do better with her there,” continued Dr. Kizner. “She is always the first one to volunteer to stand in the shoes of the classroom teacher when the need arises, and I have tremendous appreciation for her commitment to her students and staff.”


According to Mrs. Butler, being a leader in a school gives you a 360-degree view of every aspect of the school community.

“As an administrator, you learn how to communicate with parents. You learn how to connect with children on a totally different level. Additionally, you learn so much by partnering with the teachers during their professional development activities,” said Butler. “We change children every day. In order to make that change, a committed group of individuals must come together and work collaboratively to analyze the situation, determine strengths and weaknesses, and develop a plan of action for effective change to occur.”

Passmore shares that same passion for transformation, demonstrating a strong conviction of support to the whole school community. As an ITRT, she is responsible for coaching and training staff, students, and the community in the use of new technology and learning platforms, a critical position over the last year.

“When my administration announced that I was the Teacher of the Year, I found myself overwhelmed with emotion and humility. I believe that all teachers deserve this honor and recognition in this historical year in education,” said Passmore. “The hard work, growth, and perseverance I have seen in my Bulldog family this year is inspiring. To think I have played a small role in helping to transform our educational system as we once knew it is an honor and further deepens my ‘why’.”


“Nina Passmore is the truest example of what the Instructional Technology Resource Teacher can and should be for students and staff. Her work is founded upon the belief that ALL children are learners and that technology is a way to ENHANCE their learning,” said RRES Principal Nick Roman. “Nina approaches each day with the lens of a classroom teacher, and she uses this understanding to positively influence her colleagues and students. We are privileged to work alongside such a dedicated professional, and we congratulate her on the very well-deserved recognition of Stafford County’s Teacher of the Year.”

Each school in the division nominates an individual for Teacher of the Year.  Visit the SCPS YouTube channel to watch videos recognizing all 34 nominees. For more information about SCPS visit

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