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Suspect charged with larceny after passing fake bills in Stafford

From the Stafford Sheriff’s Office:

On May 28, Deputy J.D. Hurt responded to the Walmart on Garrisonville Road for a report of a theft. The store manager told Deputy Hurt an employee, Michel Djouekou, 51, of Stafford, had attempted to purchase items with a fake $100 bill. The cashier recognized the bill to be fake and declined the transaction.
The manager was notified and discovered that Djouekou was able to obtain money during a previous transaction by purchasing a soda using another fake $100 bill. Djouekou received $97.97 in change from that transaction. Djouekou was issued a summons for larceny and the bills were seized.
We wanted to inform the public that bills such as these are props for film productions and have “for motion picture purposes” written in large lettering to indicate they cannot be used as real currency.

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