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Man wanted in three localities arrested after high speed chase in Stafford

From the Stafford Sheriff’s Office:

A Stafford man added to his legal woes Thursday afternoon when he attempted to elude deputies during a traffic stop.
At 1:33 p.m., Sgt. J.J. Kreider attempted to stop a silver Saturn SUV on Spring Valley Drive for improper registration. The suspect finally stopped in the 300 block of Cambridge Street. As Sgt. Kreider approached the vehicle, the subject was extremely irate. Sgt. Kreider immediately recognized the subject as Kenneth Arnold, 47, and knew he had active warrants. Sgt. Kreider instructed Arnold to turn the vehicle off, but instead Arnold made a comment about going home and sped away from the traffic stop.
Sgt. A.I. Assur was responding as back-up and began pursuing Arnold as Sgt. Kreider ran back to his police car and joined the chase. Arnold fled at a high speed northbound on Cambridge Street and pulled into Newton’s Motel in the 400 block of Cambridge Street, where he was currently living. In his haste to escape justice, Arnold failed to get his vehicle into park and it rolled back into Sgt. Assur’s police car in the Newton’s Motel parking lot. There was no damage from the minor collision.
Arnold ran on foot toward the rear of Newton’s Motel, but could not outrun the fleet of foot duo of Sgt. Assur and Sgt. Kreider. As the sergeants attempted to place Arnold in handcuffs, he continued to try and avoid detention. OC spray was utilized and Arnold was successfully handcuffed. Rescue responded and washed out Arnold’s eyes prior to his transport to the magistrate.
Arnold was found to be wanted for a violation of a court order in Spotsylvania, failing to appear for a traffic offense in Warren and revocation of a suspended sentence, contempt of court and failing to appear in Stafford. He racked up additional charges for felony eluding, obstruction of justice, driving suspended and improper registration. He was held without bond at the Rappahannock Regional Jail.
Photos courtesy Stafford Sheriff’s Office

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