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Featured Job From FredJobs: Camp Director – PE Teacher – Athletic Trainer

Position Description:

Fredericksburg Academy, is seeking a confident, creative, and energetic individual to serve in multiple roles:

·       Summer Program Director for Camp FA

·       Physical Education Teacher

·       Athletic Trainer / Athletic Department Support Staff

The Program Director for Camp FA must possess compassionate people skills and solid management and organizational skills. The Program Director manages all aspects of the day to day activities of campers and staff, assists with staff recruitment and hiring, and with planning / scheduling camps for the summer. This position reports to the Director of Auxiliary Programs.  Based on performance and experience, this position can eventually move into the Camp Director role.

The Physical Education Teacher, depending upon the semester and scheduling, would teach either Lower School or Middle School PE or both. This position requires the ability to communicate with both classroom teachers, administrators, and of course students! This position reports to the Athletic Director and Lower School and Middle School Division Heads. Options also exist to teach other classes based on experience.

The Certified Athletic Trainer strives to establish trusting relationships with the athletes, coaching staff, parents, and the medical community. These relationships depend upon effective communication between all parties involved, and a commitment to do what’s best for the athletes. This position reports to the Athletic Director. Depending upon performance and experience, this position can eventually move into an Assistant Athletic Director role.

Job Duties:

General Duties
Ensure all students, staff, and coaches are in a safe and nurturing environment
Participate in FA Full Faculty meetings

Summer Program Director for Camp FA
Staff Hiring
Work with the Director of Auxiliary Programs on all facets of recruiting, interviewing, processing background checks, and hiring of summer staff
Staff Training
Work with the Director of Auxiliary Programs to provide staff training prior to the start of Camp FA
Understand and assist with the online Camp FA registration process
Communicate and interact appropriately and effectively with parents/guardians during drop-off and pick-up times, and via phone and email
Memorizing all emergency procedures and enforce Camp FA rules
Reporting and recording details of incidents, such as accidents or rule violations, to parents, staff members, and the Director of Auxiliary Programs
Scheduling & Programming
Ensure there are always enough qualified staff present each week
Manage staff and provide guidance to staff to implement effective and appropriate activities for the campers each week
Keep track of activity supplies throughout campus and convey ordering or repair needs to the Director of Auxiliary Programs
Cleaning, maintaining, and ensuring proper use of FA facilities and equipment
Other related duties as assigned

Physical Education Teacher
Develop and implement age appropriate physical education lesson plans for both indoor and outdoor classes
Maintains order within the classroom and school with proactive classroom management and a well-organized learning environment
Maintains records of student performance and attendance, and communicates this effectively with students and their parents
Performs other duties as assigned

Athletic Trainer / Athletic Department Support Staff
o   Prevention of injuries resulting in physical activity

o   Recognition, evaluation, and assessment of injuries and conditions resulting from physical activity

o   Immediate care of injuries from physical activity

o   Rehabilitation and reconditioning of injuries resulting from physical activity

o   Organization and administration

Work related travel: 5% (for off-site games/matches/meets)
Other related duties as assigned
General Qualifications:

·       Possess good English communication skills, both written and verbal

·       Ability to solve problems and handle issues of a complicated / complex nature and create solutions to problems before they are presented to management

·       Use creativity and attention to detail while handling multiple tasks and meeting assigned deadlines

·       Reliable, ability to be on time and prepared

·       Ability to interpret policies and guidelines (with training)

·       Possess essential computer skills including email, excel, Google Docs/Sheets, word processing, and database management

·       Ability to lift and move equipment and materials up to 50 pounds

·       Be able to manage all personal care and mobility independently

·       Must have a valid driver’s license

·       Must pass two Background Checks (OBI fingerprint & CPS background check)

·       Enjoy working with staff, parents, and students and contributing to a pleasant work environment

·       Must be a self-starter and able to enhance FA’s mission

Position Qualifications:

·       Must be at least 21 years of age

·       Must be able to relate well to lower, middle, and upper school students, parents, staff, faculty, and administration

·       Must possess solid management and organizational skills

·       Current First Aid/CPR/AED training (preferred)

·       We prefer candidates to have experience in all three areas, but we will interview candidates who possess two out of the following three qualifications:

·       Summer Program Director for Camp FA

o   Two years of experience as staff at either a Day Camp, Overnight Camp, or Travel Camp

o   A minimum of one year of leadership experience at a camp as a Program Director, Assistant Program Director, or similar position

o   Knowledge of American Camp Association (ACA) accreditation standards is a plus

·       Physical Education Teacher

o   Bachelor’s degree with emphasis in an educational subject area

o   Background with some health and physical education experience

o   Teaching Certificate not required, but is a plus

·       Athletic Trainer / Athletic Department Support Staff

o   Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)

o   Applied Knowledge: Must have knowledge about a large range of medical problems. Assessment and evaluation skills and working with other healthcare professionals will be needed.

o   Decision-Making Skills: Ability to think critically and make independent decisions regarding the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and return to play decisions per state licensure guidelines.

o   Attention to Detail: should be thorough and detailed with injury tracking and documentation.

o   Interpersonal Skills: Ability to communicate effectively in high stress/pressure situation when talking to patients, medical professionals, staff and families.

o   Must have the ability to organize, prioritize and perform multiple tasks with little or no supervision.


TBD based on experience
Benefits based off of the FA Employee Handbook
Additional Information:

This position is: full-time exempt
Relevant webpages:
Camp FA:
US Athletics:
MS Athletics:

Typical work schedule:
School Year (late August through May)
Monday through Friday
10:30a.m. – 6:30p.m.
Summer (June through August)
Monday through Friday
8:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.

Fredericksburg Academy
10800 Academy Dr. Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Applications accepted until: position filled
Expected start date:  negotiable (preference is January 2022)
How to Apply:

Via email
Please email the Director of Auxiliary Programs, Chris Stec at [email protected] and Athletic Director Eyal Fierst at [email protected]:
cover letter

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