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Bear reported to have killed some animals in Louisa

From the Louisa Sheriff’s Office:
The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Officers have confirmed a bear in the Bumpass area. It has reportedly killed 3 pigs and now a sheep and seems to be roaming between Louisa Farms Rd and Little River Farms Rd.
The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources has been made aware. Please refer to their web page for what to use as bear deterrents to protect your livestock and pets. Remember bears are opportunistic hunters and will take what is easily available such as livestock in small enclosures, bird feeders, trash cans, etc. (Remember it is illegal to shoot a bear, even on your property, out of season, November 22 is the beginning of bear hunting season).
If a bear is in your back yard:
-From a safe distance, make loud noises, shout, or bang pots and pans to scare the bear
-When the bear leaves, remove attractants such as garbage, pet food, or bird feeders
-Ask neighbors to remove attractants
-Follow guidelines on the link below
-Report it to the Wildlife Conflict Helpline (855.571.9003)
For more information about bears, bear deterrents, and how to protect your pets and livestock:

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