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Border crossing search locates stolen Stafford firearm

From the Stafford Sheriff’s Office:

A border crossing into El Salvador, by a man that had been living in Stafford County, led to the discovery of a stolen firearm.
On August 30th of this year, the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the theft of a firearm from a residence in North Ferry Farms. The weapon was described as a Springfield Armory 9 mm handgun. The victim was able to provide the serial number so the gun could be entered into a law enforcement database as stolen. The investigation was assigned to Detective A. Sanchez, Jr.
The case was stagnant, with no leads, until late September. On September 24th, the victim reported the sights from the gun had been located in a bedroom of the home, and a resident in the home was the prime suspect.
The investigation stalled again as the prime suspect reportedly left the country driving to El Salvador. This is over 3000 miles and approximately 57 hours driving time.
Detective Sanchez got a break in the case on December 7th when an ATF Agent called to advise the stolen gun had been located. The suspect in the case, Bartolo Arias Olmos, 58, had been stopped by El Salvadoran Civil Police at the El Salvador border with Guatemala. During a search of the vehicle he was in, the stolen gun was recovered.
Detective Sanchez learned Arias Olmos had booked a flight from El Salvador set to arrive at Dulles International Airport on December 11th.
Detective Sanchez obtained a warrant for grand larceny. He teamed up with Detective J.G. Wright III and they arranged to meet the U.S. Marshals in the airport to make the arrest. Arias Olmos was subsequently taken into custody as he exited Customs. Airport Police served the warrant and transported him to the magistrate in Loudoun County. Arias Olmos was released on an unsecured bond pending his court date. The stolen gun remains in Central America and will likely not be returned.
Thank you to the ATF, U.S. Marshals and Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department for their assistance in this case. Muchas gracias to the El Salvadoran Civil Police for recovering the stolen gun.

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