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Fredericksburg Downtown bids farewell to Ann Glave

From Fredericksburg Downtown:

Fredericksburg Downtown isn’t just saying goodbye to 2021, it’s also bidding farewell to Ann Glave, the first and only Executive Director our organization has ever known.

Ann was inspirational to Main Street’s success and progress, from the heavy lifting of major initiatives like A Downtown Affair and Operation Tulip Drop to managing the daily minutiae of a blossoming commercial and historical district. She guided Fredericksburg Downtown through the Chatham Bridge closure and the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating a commitment and dedication to the downtown community through it all. We’ll miss her enthusiasm, boundless positivity, and most of all her smile.

We wish her the best of luck on all of her future endeavors. Please join us in congratulating her on all of her success!


A Grateful Fredericksburg Downtown

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