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Crystal Vanuch announces she’s running for Congress in the 7th District

From the Vanuch campaign:

Today, the Chairman of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors, small business owner, and fierce supporter of parental choice and public safety, Crystal Vanuch announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination in Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District. Vanuch was first elected to the Board of Supervisors in 2019 and quickly earned a reputation for being a conservative leader committed to delivering results for Stafford County residents. Crystal Vanuch is running for Congress to take on Abigail Spanberger and stop the radical liberal agenda that’s hurting Virginia.

“President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and the radical Democrats in Washington are failing Virginia families, parents, law enforcement, and small businesses. As a result of their extreme policies, we have record high inflation, gas prices that are through the roof, and a stagnant economy. Instead of fighting for her constituents, Abigail Spanberger has voted for Biden’s progressive agenda 100% of the time. Enough is enough. We need new leaders who will stand up for Virginia families and deliver results that improve our community and quality of life,” said Vanuch.

“I was born in Prince William County and raised in Stafford County, so I know firsthand the unique challenges facing our community. I learned the value of hard work and service from my father who is a former Marine and Prince William County Police Officer. He taught me that if there’s a problem, I need to stand up and fix it myself. That’s exactly what I did when I ran for the Board of Supervisors.

As a Stafford County Supervisor, I have been an outspoken advocate for law enforcement and first responders, helping to secure large annual pay increases for these brave men and women. I proudly stood with parents and students to stop Critical Race Theory from being taught in our schools. When our local roads needed to be repaired, I helped secure $96 million in funding for local projects.  All this while holding the line on taxes in the middle of a global pandemic. While most politicians just talk, I get the job done,” Vanuch continued.

“As your Congresswoman, I will continue to fight for all Virginians, stop the Democrat’s out-of-touch progressive agenda, and defend our conservative values. As of today, Abigail Spanberger is on notice. This year, Republicans have a chance to elect a proven conservative who won’t back down from a fight. Together we will send Abigail Spanberger home and take our country back.”

Crystal Vanuch is a small business owner who has spent her career working in the healthcare field to help advocate for terminally and chronically ill patients to gain access to affordable treatments for their conditions. Her husband, David Vanuch, is a former Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps. who served in Iraq and now works for the Federal Government. Prior to serving on the Board of Supervisors, Vanuch spent four years on the Stafford County Planning Commission. Born in Prince William County and raised in Stafford Country, Vanuch attended Stafford Elementary, Middle, and Brooke Point High School. She then went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Virginia Wesleyan University with a degree in business. Her parents still live in the Aquia District where Vanuch grew up.

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