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Fredericksburg Police with a caution about gel blaster guns

From Fredericksburg City Police:

Last weekend, the Fredericksburg Police Department responded to three separate incidents involving juveniles shooting gel blaster guns at one another or an unoccupied vehicle.   Many gel blaster guns are designed to look like real firearms making it difficult for anyone, including police officers, to differentiate them from a real firearm.
Parents, if you are going to allow your children to play with toy guns that look like real firearms, talk about how to play safely. Advise them to keep the toy gun on your property, never take/display it in public, and never point or discharge it at a person. We live in a day and age where we can never be too careful when it comes to firearms and toy firearms.
Additionally, discharging a gel blaster gun in the City of Fredericksburg may violate City Code 54-6. If a person is struck by a pellet, the violator may be charged with assault and battery.
City Code 54-6:

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