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Road rage arrest in Stafford

The Stafford Sheriff’s Office says a county woman was arrested Sunday after brandishing a handgun during a road rage incident in South Stafford.
A deputy responded to a disturbance with a weapon at the intersection of Butler Road and Chatham Heights Road. The juvenile victim reported a driver behind him on Warrenton Road was flashing her lights and waving her hands in the air. The enraged driver pulled alongside the victim on Butler Road and began shouting. She proceeded to reach into her glovebox and produced a firearm. The raging motorist pointed the firearm at the victim before driving away.
The victim was able to provide a vehicle description, including the license plate. Authorities responded to the registered owner’s address and identified the incensed driver as 26-year old Maryann Mullins.  Mullins was arrested for brandishing and a Taurus 9 mm handgun was seized.

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