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Regional high school students to award $10,000 – nonprofits, apply now!

From the Community Foundation:

Calling all area nonprofits! Apply now for a $10,000 Youth in Philanthropy grant. Each year, members of The Community Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy program award a $10,000 grant to a promising and impactful nonprofit. Eligible nonprofits should apply if their program that supports youth, involves youth in its implementation or is led by young people.

Last year, the 40 high school student members of Youth in Philanthropy awarded $10,000 to a local nonprofit, Empowerhouse to deliver their “Healthy Relationships are the Bees-Knees” youth program in classrooms across the region.

Following proven models, The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region established its Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) program in 2005. This program encourages student leadership, volunteerism and community giving by engaging young people in decision-making about the distribution of grant dollars.

YIP is designed by and for our community’s youth. This program provides regional youth with the decision-making power and funding to address key youth issues in our community. Each year, YIP teaches 40+ area teenagers the importance of giving and serving, encourages youth involvement in philanthropy, and provides ways for local young people to act on issues that are important to them.

Since its first session in 2005, YIP students have awarded over 100 grants to more than 60 local nonprofits, disbursing over $200,000 to youth projects throughout the region.

Grant applications are due July 28 and are available online at

Become a YIP today by completing a YIP Participant Interest Form, found at

The Community Foundation accepts YIP member applications year-round from area high school students. Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 can still join the 2022 session! Rising 8th and 9th graders may also apply to be included in their 10th grade year.

About The Community Foundation

The Community Foundation, founded in 1997, is a devoted advocate for the vitality and well-being of the Rappahannock River region. Our mission is to build a flourishing philanthropic community.  We manage and distribute charitable giving throughout the Rappahannock River region by offering a spectrum of services for individuals, organizations and businesses that are eager to achieve great results with their charitable actions.

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