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Celebrate National Safe Digging Day with REC

 From REC:

Safety is Rappahannock Electric Cooperative’s top priority. The Cooperative invites the community to celebrate National Safe Digging Day this Thursday, Aug. 11.

“We always remind members to visit before they begin a yard project that involves digging,” said John Medved, REC’s Director of Safety, Compliance & Security Services. “Doing so is how you keep yourself and family safe, as well as protect utility workers like REC’s linemen.”

Planning a project that involves digging? Here are a few tips for safe digging:

  1. Visit to place an online ticket two to three days before you plan to start your project.
  2. Wait two to three business days for a response to your request. A contractor will come out and mark your underground lines.
  3. Respect the markers and use them as a guide for completing your project.
  4. If you can’t avoid digging near the provided markers, consider moving your project.

“It’s important that everyone knows what’s below before they dig,” added Medved. “Coming in contact with an underground power line could lead to serious injury or death. Always visit, fill out the form and wait for underground lines to be marked before you get started.”

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