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Traffic signal communication upgraded along Route 610 in Stafford

VDOT recently completed a project to upgrade traffic signal communications and timing along the Route 610 (Garrisonville Road) corridor in Stafford County.

The project coordinated 16 traffic signals over 4.1 miles between the Interstate 95 southbound off-ramp and Furnace Road to reduce driver delay and vehicle emissions.

New fiber and radio communications equipment was installed. This allows VDOT to quickly and remotely adjust traffic signal timings in response to emergency incidents and to remotely monitor signal operations.

Traffic signal retiming and coordination is a cost-effective way to improve traffic flow along a corridor. Signalized intersections along Route 610 in the project limits have been optimized in coordinated timing plans for weekday morning, midday and afternoon hours, and on weekends. Although specific trips will vary based on congestion, once drivers receive a green signal, the goal is for vehicles to proceed through the corridor with minimal stops and reduced idling.

Signal optimization also seeks to improve safety. Fewer vehicle stops can reduce the probability of rear-end crashes. Signal clearance interval lengths were updated along the corridor to current VDOT standards, resulting in longer yellow and red signal times, which helps reduce the likelihood of crashes at intersections.

Environmental benefits from reduced stop-and-go traffic includes fewer vehicle emissions. This project is estimated to result in an annual reduction of emissions in the following amounts:

  • 15,025 pounds of carbon monoxide
  • 2,322 pounds of volatile organic compounds
  • 774 pounds of nitrous oxides

Due to the new signal corridor plan, Route 610 travelers as a collective group are expected to save an estimated $74,100 annually in fuel expenses.

VDOT seeks to review corridor signal timing on primary roads in the Fredericksburg District at least once every three years and makes spot adjustments as needs are identified.

Motorists can report any concerns related to signal timing to VDOT’s Customer Service Center at 1-800-FOR-ROAD (367-7623) or online at

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