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Councilman Matt Kelly is conducting a survey on historic preservation in the City

A NATIONAL TREASURE–The Renwick Courthouse
The Renwick Courthouse is a unique architectural and historical structure of national significance. Its role went well beyond being just a courthouse. Throughout Fredericksburg’s history, it has served as a center for civic and community activities. The question today is whether it will continue to play that role in the future?
Below is a link that provides the community important information on the building’s architectural significance, its history, and about the discussions that have gone on regarding its future use. It also includes a link to the survey I am conducting on the issue of historic preservation in the city and on the future use of the courthouse.
I hope you will take the time to complete the survey. I also hope you will engage in the needed community conversation on the future use of this unique architectural/historical gem in our historic downtown.
Photo courtesy Councilman Matt Kelly

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