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Before the leaves come out, get a different view on history around here

From the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Miliary Park:

With spring upon us, the park will be greening out in no time at all. That means now is a great time to take in some park views! In fact, there are many places in the park where the terrain of the battlefield is most easily seen before the leaves come in.
One such place is atop Lee’s Hill (tour stop 3 on the Fredericksburg driving tour), where you can see through the woods, down to Lee Drive, and out to Fredericksburg.
Though most famous for being the spot from which Confederate General Lee watched the Battle of Fredericksburg unfolding in December 1862, this location also played a role in the Second Battle of Fredericksburg in May 1863 during the Chancellorsville Campaign. Then, Federal assaults forced the hill’s Confederate defenders into retreat. This momentary success would not last long for the Federal troops. Their advance towards Chancellorsville was quickly halted by Confederates at Salem Church.
Photos courtesy NPS

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