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WATCH: Spike strips end pursuit in Stafford

The Stafford Sheriff’s Office says some deputies are praised for assisting motorists with a flat tire, others are praised for deflating the tires of motorists.
Deputy J.W. McAlister is commended for his quick actions to end a pursuit in South Stafford by deploying spike strips.
On July 13th at approximately 1:51 p.m. Deputy McAlister was in the area of Kings Highway and Cool Springs Road when the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office was alerted to a vehicle pursuit. It was advised the King George County Sheriff’s Office was pursuing a vehicle and that vehicle was about to enter Stafford County.
Stafford authorities say that Deputy McAlister predicted the suspect vehicle would be heading towards the Kings Highway and Little Street intersection. He responded to the intersection and got ready to deploy his stinger, commonly referred to as spike strips.
In a matter of moments, the speeding vehicle headed the exact route Deputy McAlister predicted, putting him in perfect position. Deputy McAlister deployed his stinger and it was successful in puncturing the suspect’s vehicle tire.
The suspect vehicle continued to Leonard Road where that tire gave out, essentially bringing the pursuit to a stop. The King George County Sheriff’s Office took custody of the driver.
Video courtesy Stafford Sheriff’s Office

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