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Germanna celebrates HBCUs as transfer destinations that care about students

From Germanna Community College. Photos by Suzanne Rossi

Attendees at a Historically Black Colleges and University dinner and panel discussion earlier this week at Germanna Community College learned why HCBUs are special from the most reliable sources –HBCU graduates.

Dr. Shashuna Gray (Alabama State), Germanna’s vice president of academic affairs and workforce development, moderated a panel that included Mary Worthy (Tennessee State), Dr. Derrick O. Brown (Virginia State), Leslie Conway (Hampton University) and Dr. Tarah Goggins (Norfolk State).

“There is  a culture at an HCBU in which students feel welcome, they feel at home,” Dr. Gray said. “There’s someone to provide correction, if they need it. There’s someone to provide guidance, and support. And HCBUs wrap their arms around [students] and make sure that they don’t fail.”

Dr. Gray said the caring, engaged relationship faculty and staff have with students at Germanna has a similar feel.

“Germanna has some of that same culture, where we really want to support our students and provide opportunities for them to go to other institutions where they want to transfer. We provide resources, from food to emergency funds. I was at conference earlier this summer with all the presidents from the community colleges of Virginia. I told them what when I’m at work at Germanna, I feel like there’s a culture here that loves students. And that’s what HCBUs do. So if you feel loved and welcomed here, please check out an HCBU. There’s a wealth of opportunity, a wealth of knowledge, and faculty that really love you. The faculty loves you here and they’re going to love you there, and make sure you’re successful.”.

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