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FXBGHackers is a loose association of hackers and security (un)?professionals in the Fredericksburg, VA area. We host an informal meeting the 1st Wednesday of Every Month (7pm – 9pm ish) with short, roughly 10 minute firetalks. We apply a very broad definition of hacking – taking something and utilizing it beyond its intended means.

Note: We do not advocate illegal activities. If you’re discussing bypassing computer security, you either have permission to do so or are utilizing your own equipment in a lab environment.

White Hat, Black Hat, Gray Hat, N00b, 1337, Obso1337, Hacktivist, Corporate, Fed, Govt, Mil, Hobbyist, Student – All are welcome.

If it’s your first time here – chill, relax, enjoy and just hang out. Otherwise, hop up and give a firetalk.

Event runs Nov 2, 2022 through Dec 7, 2022

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