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ReWilding of Daffodill Hill — Plant Removal

It’s finally happening!
Thanks to the generous support of Keep Virginia Beautiful we have the funding to rewild our daffodil Hill right here in our upper garden!
This is the hill that folks entering our fine city see when coming from Rt. 2 or Rt. 3.
Not only do we want to make it a beautiful native meadow because it’ll look amazing but we also want to remove all the invasive plants growing on the hill and replace them with native plants that will be a boon to our ecosystem!
But what about all the pretty daffodils? Have no fear, the daffodils will remain in their home and their blooms will ring in the spring! Once they have died. down for the season, a gorgeous and diverse native meadow will pop up and provide us with blooms through the fall!
Meet at 3:00PM on September 8 and 10 for the removal part of the project!
We need all (gloved) hands on deck to help us remove the invasives growing there and prepare the land for the installment of the native meadow!
If you are able to help us, please feel free to RSVP by emailing [email protected]

Event runs Sep 8, 2022 through Sep 10, 2022

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