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The Coldest Night of the Year Walk/Fundraiser

The Coldest Night of the Year is a winterrific family-friendly walk to raise money for local charities serving people experiencing hurt, hunger, and homelessness. Join us on February 25, 2023 – team up, fundraise, walk, and gather for good… because it’s cold out there.

CNOY is a moment each year when we step outside the warmth and comfort of home to shine a light of welcome and compassion in their communities.

How to Participate

Select one of two fun ways to participate in 2023:

  •  Main Event: Join in on the downtown Fredericksburg walk with your choice of 2km + 5km signed routes, rest stops, volunteers, and snacks at the end.
  •  Offsite Walk: All CNOY locations will welcome offsite fundraisers who self-organize either with friends or individually, walking any day in February on a route they choose.

More Details

  •  Date: Saturday, February 25, 2023 at 5 PM.
  •  Where: Join us in downtown Fredericksburg on February 25th at 5 PM! If not, you can still walk and fundraise for your local charity offsite in your own community, wherever you are.
  •  What: Participants register to walk 1 mile/3 miles, whether at a main event, or offsite with their team.
  •  Who: Everyone is welcome! CNOY is family-friendly – participants range in age from toddlers (with parents of course) to active seniors.
  •  How: Participants register online to set up their personal Fundhub page. It’s easy to set your goal, add your photo message, and thank donors via email. Donors who give online are receipted within minutes of their secure gift of $20 or more.
  •  No Registration Fee: CNOY is 100% free to join! Everyone is welcome to come and fundraise for their local CNOY charity.
  •  Impact: By walking in the cold, you’ll feel a hint of the challenge faced by those experiencing homelessness during winter. By fundraising, you’ll be contributing much-needed money to a charity in your town that is bringing hope and help to people in your community who need support.

CNOY Winter Beanies

Our thanks for a fundraising job well done!

When you go the extra mile and fundraise ($150 for adults, $75 for youth under 17 or under) we’ll celebrate your efforts with an oh-so-comfy 2023 CNOY Winter Beanie.

Got questions about the Coldest Night of the Year USA? Visit


Event runs Feb 25, 2023 through Feb 25, 2023

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